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  2. Media: Sitcom

  3. 1. What does the word "sitcom" stand for?
  4. 2. What is the word used in media meaning "the type of category something is"?
  5. 3. Which one of the TV shows below is a sitcom?
  6. 4. Which one of these is a code/convention of sitcoms?
  7. 5. In which sitcom does the character Del Trotter appear?
  8. 6. What does the term "hyper-reality" mean?
  9. 7. What is "ideology" in sitcoms?
  10. 8. What is one way of making a sitcom episode more entertaining?
  11. 9. Which language does the term "mise en scene" come from?
  12. 10. What does creators of TV shows use to make a detailed plan on the filming of individual shots?
  13. 11. Which set of the words below best describes the stereotypical male character?
  14. 12. What is the name of the shot that is used to show the setting or location of the sitcom?
  15. 13. What does "self-contained" mean in sitcoms?
  16. 14. Why are stereotypes used in sitcoms?
  17. 15. What is the purpose of using low angle shots in sitcom?
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