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  2. Music Fanatic? Celeb Fanatic? FAME FANATIC!

  3. 1. Which princess wears a blue gown and lost a glass slipper?
  4. 2. Who is currently dating (2012) Justin Bieber?
  5. 3. Is Miley Cyrus getting married?
  6. 4. What type/ genre of music does Chris Brown MOSTLY perform?
  7. 5. What did Steve Jobs create?
  8. 6. What did Bill Gates create?
  9. 7. Which of these is known for MC Squared?
  10. 8. What color hair does Selena Gomez have?
  11. 9. Taylor Swift has joined the ________ commercial in 2012.
  12. 10. Justin Bieber became famous by:
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