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  2. Are You a True Bro?

  3. 1. What is Pewdiepie's first name?
  4. 2. Who is Pewdiepie's girlfriend?
  5. 3. Who is the little yellow statue that Pewdiepie carries around and where was he first discovered?
  6. 4. Who is Pewdiepie's pet and what is he/she?
  7. 5. What does Pewdiepie call his subscribers?
  8. 6. What does Pewdiepie do?
  9. 7. What does he said at the beginning of his videos?
  10. 8. Where is Pewdiepie from?
  11. 9. Where is his girlfriend from?
  12. 10. Who does Pewdiepie co-op with a lot and how is he related to Pewdiepie?
  13. 11. Who is Pewdiepie's(worst) enemy?
  14. 12. What was Pewdiepie's first ever video?
  15. 13. Who is Pewdiepie?
  16. 14. Last question(s)! Are you a bro and is Pewdiepie awesome?
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