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  2. Do You Know Your Music?

  3. 1. What is Pete Wentz's son's name?
  4. 2. What rock band did a remke of the classic Carly Simon hit "You're So Vain" at the Grammy Nominations?
  5. 3. What band is "Chinese Democracy" by?
  6. 4. Who did Mariah Carey marry?
  7. 5. Who just released "Chicken Fried", a number one hit?
  8. 6. Using computer technology, Martina McBride duets with who in a new version of "Blue Christmas"?
  9. 7. What song by M.I.A. does U.S.A. Weekend call the "single of the year"?
  10. 8. What group had a "comeback" with "Summertime"?
  11. 9. Beyonce called who "the queen", and who got mad?
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