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  2. How well do you know me?

  3. 1. Where do I go to college?
  4. 2. What is my major?
  5. 3. What is my middle name?
  6. 4. What do I tell people when asked what my favorite color is? (discounting the answer: grey)
  7. 5. My friend Brian and I created a comic strip series. What was it based around?
  8. 6. When I was younger I was afraid of being in corners. Why?
  9. 7. My celebrity crush is
  10. 8. If I could have magical powers, what would I want them to be?
  11. 9. What color is my LEFT eye?
  12. 10. I wrote the poem "Plaid." Who was one of the people to inspire that poem?
  13. 11. I once caught a wasp in a plastic cup and kept it as a pet. What did I name him?
  14. 12. I once caught a fly in a plastic cup, named it Michael, and gave it as a gift to a friend. What was given to the fly to sustain its life?
  15. 13. What kind of monsters was I afraid of when I was little?
  16. 14. What was my first job?
  17. 15. Currently I work at walmart. Where in walmart do I work though?
  18. 16. When I'm bored and in the breakroom at work, what do I do to entertain myself?
  19. 17. What disney movie to I generally watch when I'm depressed?
  20. 18. In my opinion, what is the happiest fruit ever?
  21. 19. What highschool did I attend?
  22. 20. What was the name of my brother's green dinosaur stuffed animal?
  23. 21. What is the name of my owl?
  24. 22. What is my favorite season?
  25. 23. When I was younger I was afraid of being to close to a balloon. Why?
  26. 24. My last name rhymes with
  27. 25. What is the name of my character in lotro (Lord of the Rings Online)?
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