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  2. How Well Do You Know Vintage Style Clothes?

  3. 1. The Nineteen Twenties were known as 'The age of the...'
  4. 2. Which fashion style offered a girl a whole, cheap, matching outfit?
  5. 3. If you wore big shoulder pads what decade were you in?
  6. 4. What underwear item made its appearance in the Nineteen thirties?
  7. 5. Mary Quant was famous for designing and naming the...
  8. 6. In the Nineteen Fifties these skirts were all the rage...
  9. 7. What did women do with their chests in the Twenties?
  10. 8. Sequinned boob tubes were the 'in thing' in the...
  11. 9. What men's clothing item did women take to wearing during the Forties?
  12. 10. What were swimsuits made of until the Thirties?
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