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  2. Plain White T's

  3. 1. "If you believe we were ment to be" Lyrics to what song?
  4. 2. How many members are in the PLain White T's?
  5. 3. How many albums have they made? counting new one coming out soon
  6. 4. There is a CD that various artists made for a band. What they did on that CD was play a song from that band. Which song did the plain white cover for that CD? (band=Oingo Boingo)
  7. 5. Which Member is the Guitarist? Since there's 2, i'll give you a hint. they were born in october
  8. 6. Who is the drummist for the Plain White T's?
  9. 7. When is the Plain White T's new album coming out?
  10. 8. What is the name of their new album?
  11. 9. Which TV show do the Plain White T's occasionaly pop up on?
  12. 10. ~Song: Hey There Delilah ~ Album:?
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