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  2. How Much Of A Friend Are You??

  3. 1. When I'm bored, what do I do??
  4. 2. In the Wanted, what are the Members names?? (Do not use Google Help)
  5. 3. In One Direction, what order do I like them??
  6. 4. Roman's Revenge. Can I rap it??
  7. 5. I can be quiet Loud. Why am I usually so loud??
  8. 6. What are the names of my 2 babies?? (Dogs)
  9. 7. Is The Wanted the best band to me??
  10. 8. How many times have I messed up in my life?? (According to me)
  11. 9. When I feel like giving up, what/who do I think of??
  12. 10. In the Olympics, what was I looking forward to the most??
  13. 11. Name the 4 Celebs I think are fit. (You can Look em up if you dont know who they are)
  14. 12. How much do my babies mean to me??
  15. 13. In Life, what is the most important value to me???
  16. 14. What is my Cousins baby's Name (that was born on my bday)
  17. 15. If I had A choice, What would I wear??
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