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  2. How well do you know Alexa?

  3. 1. What was the name of my mom's brother that died before she was born?
  4. 2. What was the name of my dad's sister that died before he was born?
  5. 3. My mom was the only one that didn't _________out of her family
  6. 4. My mom was born where?
  7. 5. Where was my dad born?
  8. 6. How old was I when I went to Florida?
  9. 7. Kayla had an irrational fear of _____ when she was younger.
  10. 8. My mom's friend (sharon A.K.A annie, mother of libby) girlfriend is named______
  11. 9. How far apart are me and kayla?
  12. 10. When do I usually throw up the most?
  13. 11. My first "friend" was named _____
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