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  1. kuiz futbollist

    behar Created on Apr 17, 2015 - 13:56

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  7. Dec 02, 2015 - 02:30 by Serdar

    Nice find AndyI'm a bit OCD when it comes to grammar and splneilg .. OK, a lot OCD! BUt I'm never quite sure where commas should go. If I say the sentence in my head, and it feels like I'm pausing at a certain point, then I usually stick a comma in thereCheers, JonJons last blog post: http://mkmcnfgafg.com [url=http://xwtzulzhkc.com]xwtzulzhkc[/url] [link=http://nkeunafc.com]nkeunafc[/link]
  8. Nov 27, 2015 - 21:12 by Vikram

    Grade 5 = 100I would have gotten one wrong a clupoe weeks ago. I just recently learned that commas should go before conjunctions in a series. I was taught to never use commas before a conjunction ever. http://myvcqqssdst.com [url=http://ohgiabeisp.com]ohgiabeisp[/url] [link=http://azgllvhd.com]azgllvhd[/link]
  9. Nov 27, 2015 - 14:46 by Ainul

    Depends is this a bottle that you're expetced to drink straight up? or mix? Cause most hard stuff is 40 50% alkohol. And $2 is nice and cheap (as it sounds like everything is over there) so I'd hafta say it's b) the nameDid you try it?
  10. Nov 26, 2015 - 13:05 by Asep

    Sorry for the late comment, I had fooettrgn my Ordpress login.I think Gordon Ferrar may have been using the same year 12 tactic I used to use for English Lit. Don't read the whole book, but make sure you quote what happens at the end to prove you read the whole thing.Congrats on the 150, one of the best shows ever. Thanks for the memories Ross.Cheers
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